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Hello spanish players, please read

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Hello spanish players, please read Empty Hello spanish players, please read

Mensaje  Tusken84 el Sáb Jul 24, 2010 3:50 pm

Hello spanish players,

let me introduce myself:
I am Nico (also known as Tusken84 everywhere else, like on decktech or the PC forum), 25 years old from Germany. I try to set up European tournaments and try to help with all that I can. I know this site from Carlos (a.k.a. dark charly). Just fyi: I don't speak any Spanish.

Carlos told me, that there are about 4 players around Madrid and I hope I can help you increasing this number with running a tournament in Madrid. To make it easier for currently "not-active" ones, I suggest a virtual block 1-set tournament. But since I am sitting here in Germany, I need one person I can contact and who is willing to run the tournament in Madrid (getting the location, talk to players, hang up a poster in that card shop...?). Carlos told me it could be "Morgoth" or "kluster". If someone of you guys in Madrid could run a tournament, please contact me (PM me your Email). It should be only one person, b/c if I talk to more then one, it usually becomes more difficult.

I hope someone of you will PM me.
Let's try to get Madrid back on the swccg map Smile. I got some ideas and stuff that could make it working.



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Hello spanish players, please read Empty Re: Hello spanish players, please read

Mensaje  superbuzo el Mar Ago 31, 2010 1:14 pm

Hi Nico, it´s Juan the spanish player who went to the german tournament a few years ago.

I still living in south america (working in Tunisia right now), but will move back to Spain soon although wont be staying at Madrid for too long, this time is wife who will be changing working cities with the Cirque du soleil.

I have tried a few time to contact the local players, the funny thing is that they appeared right after I left Spain.

While I stay in Madrid if not working will try to organize some matches, to see if we can keep thing rolling.

Take care and hope to bring good news or the emperor will be dissapoined with my lack of progress Razz


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